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Chicago News and Notes

Sherron Collins (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

CHICAGO — News, quotes, and leftovers while covering the ‘Hawks Friday night at the United Center in their first-round matchup vs. Niagara and wondering how many people know what two Hall of Famers the Purple Eagles are proud to call their own? (Answer later)

*After KU’s 107-67 blowout victory over Niagara, I walked back to the press work room when I spotted the Niagara Purple Eagles Pep Band in the hallways with purple painted over their faces.  Well, at least I thought they were the Niagara Pep Band. “We are the University of Dayton Pep Band,” Chris Hunter explained to me.  “Three years ago, we were in Buffalo for the NCAA and Niagara was in Buffalo... Recommended Stories