Midlands: Case for the No. 1 Spot

Tony Brown

FOX Sports NEXT takes a look at three players in the Midlands region who all have a legitimate case for being the No. 1 player. Two hail from the Houston area in Texas while another is the big man in Kansas. So who should be the No. 1? The simple answer is anyone of them. Here's why…

When the first set of rankings came out, two players were awarded the sacred five-stars from the Midlands region. Interestingly enough, both of those guys at one time during this seemingly early process of ranking 2014 guys, were each named to the No. 1 spot in the region.

Who should take the top spot? Well, there is a case and argument for one of three players to be named to the Midlands No. 1 recruit. Let's take a look

CB Tony Brown – Beaumont (TX) Ozen (6-1, 185)
Current Midlands Ranking – 1

Case for No.1: This will be more of a reason for why he should remain in the top spot. Brown brings physicality to the game that translates well to the college game. For his team he plays primarily safety, but he is built and bred to play corner. Has the fluid hips and the world class speed, and not to mention the size to match up against any receiver lined up across from him. On top of that, he is more than willing to come up and make a hit in the run game.

OT Braden Smith – Olathe (KS) South HS (6-6, 280)
Current Midlands Ranking – 3

Case for No.1: There is always a premium for a great offensive tackle and Smith fit the description. Light on his feet and strong on the punch is the way he plays the game. For his size he has a great deal of athleticism when locking up the defenders and more so getting to that second level to take out linebackers. He is the tackle who every program in the country is looking for, and for good reason.

LB Hoza Scott – La Porte (TX) HS (6-3, 225)
Current Midlands Ranking – 2

Case for No.1: Scott is the type of player who one is likely to remember whenever he is seen playing. He brings a fire and energy to a defense and will provide at least two to three ‘wow' plays per game. He is an athletic backer who can cover run and pass sideline to sideline. His strength is coming off the edge where he is practically unblockable. He will hit the field as soon as he gets on campus. 

Others for Consideration
From National Recruiting Manager, Midlands Region Greg Powers

S Davion Hall – Texarkana (TX) Liberty-Eylau HS (6-3, 195)
A very talented two-way athlete, who could play safety or wide receiver in college and be a difference maker on either side. 

From National Recruiting Analyst, Midlands Region Ahmard Vital
LB Zac Whitely – Galena Park (TX) North Shore (6-2, 220)
Whitely is exactly what a college coach wants in a middle linebacker, tough, relentless, but most of all, intelligent. He is a player who is present for nearly every snap throughout the entire game.

Ahmard Vital is responsible for Midlands Recruiting, mainly covering prospects in the state of Texas. He joined Scout.com in 2005 and is the author of the newly released book, Awaken the Baller Within.
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